Nope, THIS is the best gift ever

Though sadly once you read this the surprise is over for you. Well you still get to be the one sending it and observing the priceless reactions.As all great things it all started with an idea, grew into a crowdfunding startup and became a Mysterious Package Company. They wanted to make ordinary mail interesting again and decided to create intriguing stories with recipients as their main characters.
Interesting enough for me. But it gets better.
Mysterious Package Company acts as a members-only private club. So in order to make use of their services one has to become part of their secret society. You answer a few questions – quite unusual to be honest but it kind of adds to the experience – and if they decide that you’re ok enough you’re good to start taking your friends and family on some pretty mind-boggling adventure. Which luckily enough is pretty easy.
You choose someone close to you choose a package for him and then wait. In a few weeks your victim will receive the first letter containing a strange message from either a long lost relative or some other mysterious source informing him of some sort of deeply guarded secret or conspiracy. And for the experience to be as genuine as possible it’s either hand-written or covered with bloody finger prints. Days pass and your recipient of choice receives another package. This time a thicker envelope with various documents, newspaper cut-outs, old maps and personal notes which pull them even deeper into the rabbit hole. For the grand finale they receive the third package in a form of a big nailed-shut wooden box. Inside are more documents and notes and an artefact which concludes the story.

In a week or so after the last shipment they will receive the last envelope telling them they were a part of your conspiracy and wishing them a happy whatever-the-gift-was-meant-for.
The guys in the company really take care of all the details, from proper envelopes and stamps coming from different parts of the world, to hand-written letters and old, used and crushed paper.
A huge thumbs up for the creators. Go on, make someone wander for a few days. And give them a story to tell.

I only wish I never heard about this…