Oh, and I’m making a movie

Well, hopefully anyway.
We started a pre-crowdfunding-campaign campaign which basically means we need to get as many people to know about us before we launch our thirty-day money raising frenzy. I’m going slightly nuts from all the social media, photos and videos but hey, Andy Dufresne crawled through a river of shit and came clean on the other side.

The Poster
Ahhh, the beauty.

So what’s it about?
Here’s a copy of the tagline from our Facebook page, I think it does the best job in explaining:

“The Pitch is a ten minute film about a Director pitching his own ten minute film to his Producer. As the excited Director tries to fire up his Producer’s enthusiasm (successfully or not), we witness a homage to some of the greatest Directors cinema has ever seen. Be prepared for subtly placed moments, quotes and shots from the most iconic film makers of all time. In short, if you love film and know your Tarantino’s from your Coen’s, you’re going to love The Pitch.”

And in a nutshell that’s about it. I wrote the first draft on a lunch break and presented it to my producing friend in a pub later that evening. So it’s partly a true story as well. I really like the script – strange, coming from a person who wrote it – and quite surprisingly, so do the people who read the script. We managed to get some pretty nifty and skilled people attached to the project and everyone seems to get on pretty quickly with the basic idea of it. In an ideal world we would shoot it on 35mm. In real world it would literally double the production cost so we’ll just stick to 1’s and 0’s.

We are doing everything we can to get the word around and while it turned out to be quite an exhausting process it’s also an interesting one. You need to pull any and every string available – well, you don’t but then what’s the point – ask everyone you know for favours and annoy the shit out of everyone in your social media circles begging and asking to like and share everything you manage to post.

T-shirts turned out to be quite a hit. Only thing that worries me is how many people will still want them when there’ll be a price tag attached.

Magda’s artwork and my writing. A match made in heaven.

Magda’s storyboarding skills and my writing ones’. A perfect match!

We are quite lucky that we are able to produce most of the stuff ourselves without outsourcing other people. We know how to draw, design, write, record and edit stuff so we’re pretty much self-sufficient. We are kind of a parallel to Matt Damon in Martian. Only that we’re a group of people. On Earth. Not exactly burying our own poo to grow potatoes. But in that direction anyway.

I’ll be posting videos here as well and nag everyone about it. So if you’re unlucky enough to have stumbled upon this blog and see any post about some short movie that wants to crowdfund itself, please do not hesitate to like it and share it. There is a group if grown up movie loving kids that will be very happy about them and you just might help make their dreams come true. And, let’s be honest, when was the last time we helped make anyone’s dream come true?

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