Behind the “behind the scenes”

It's been three weeks since we started our social media 'pre-Kicstarter' campaign the goal of it being to let as many people know about it as possible. Apparently one of the most common reasons why people don't make it in crowdfunding is they don't have a fanbase to start with. Well, we are trying not … Continue reading Behind the “behind the scenes”

A begginers guide to being an immigrant (pt. 1)

A background story is in order before I set onto the immigrant's 101. Two years ago I promised myself to find a new profession. Seven years of post-production jobs at various companies and televisions kind of started flashing signals that - while I'm not that bad at it - this may not exactly be my cup … Continue reading A begginers guide to being an immigrant (pt. 1)

Strike a Pose!

Since I like to think of myself being an aspiring amateur photographer one may notice me on various places in postitions that usually don't fit your average tourist photographer. I am perfectly aware that I look like an idiot but it's a thing noone cares about if the picture looks good. If it doesn't, well then … Continue reading Strike a Pose!