NaE S01 E02

Yeah, it does looks better when you write it like in the title! Not to talk to much and reveal all the content, here's episode numero two:


Not an Englishman now in video edition (and in colours)!

Not an Englishman became NaE S01! It's a combination of new year's resolutions and a long term wish to do something (anything at all pretty much). So the blog - which will hopefully now be more frequent - is joined by a YouTube channel and a weekly episode. I will try and epxlore the interesting … Continue reading Not an Englishman now in video edition (and in colours)!

Check (and back) us on Kickstarter!

We launched our Kickstarer campaign this week! We got a few backers up until now and have a long way to go. Please check our video and spread the word as every little helps. Where did I hear that before?

Behind the “behind the scenes”

It's been three weeks since we started our social media 'pre-Kicstarter' campaign the goal of it being to let as many people know about it as possible. Apparently one of the most common reasons why people don't make it in crowdfunding is they don't have a fanbase to start with. Well, we are trying not … Continue reading Behind the “behind the scenes”

I’m not a snob. I’m just 30.

I wrote this post and then read it again. I read it a few times and I'm still not really sure why I wrote it. But I kind of think I should post it. So here it goes: I turned 30 last month. No big deal really. I never took aging too seriously nor did … Continue reading I’m not a snob. I’m just 30.

The modest corner shop with the green awnings

I got a Harrods voucher as a birthday present from my friends. I have quite mixed feelings about vouchers but I must say that this one made a very interesting day for two. I mean, seriously, how often does someone give you a generous sum of money and tells you to just 'knock yourself out … Continue reading The modest corner shop with the green awnings