Check (and back) us on Kickstarter!

We launched our Kickstarer campaign this week! We got a few backers up until now and have a long way to go. Please check our video and spread the word as every little helps. Where did I hear that before?

Oh, and I’m making a movie

Well, hopefully anyway. We started a pre-crowdfunding-campaign campaign which basically means we need to get as many people to know about us before we launch our thirty-day money raising frenzy. I'm going slightly nuts from all the social media, photos and videos but hey, Andy Dufresne crawled through a river of shit and came clean … Continue reading Oh, and I’m making a movie

Shaken & Stirred

So they lived happily ever after and made love every Wednesday and Saturday. And there was much rejoicing. Just thought I might try beginning with an ending for a change. And since that went quite well I can carefree jump to the second part. As boldly stated in the small print above I am an … Continue reading Shaken & Stirred