NaE S01 E02

Yeah, it does looks better when you write it like in the title! Not to talk to much and reveal all the content, here's episode numero two:

Dear Britons, Her Majesty and Her Royal immigrants.

A British guy walks into a bar. He sits down and orders a coffee. The Polish waitress returns with his flat white and a polite smile. 'What are you smiling about,' says the British guy, 'You're leaving soon anyway.' His mistress seems quite entertained by his answer as their laughter immediately erases poor Agnieszka's smile. … Continue reading Dear Britons, Her Majesty and Her Royal immigrants.

Shaken & Stirred

So they lived happily ever after and made love every Wednesday and Saturday. And there was much rejoicing. Just thought I might try beginning with an ending for a change. And since that went quite well I can carefree jump to the second part. As boldly stated in the small print above I am an … Continue reading Shaken & Stirred